Travelling to Hongkong

images-32Set yourself up for the day with breakfast at a cha chaan teng

Jostle elbows with the breakfast crowd to secure a seat at a local cha chaan teng for a hearty early morning tea-set meal. These ubiquitous Hong Kong diners – translated literally as “tea restaurants” – are a staple of local dining culture and can be found on every block of every district in this bustling city. Items on the menu such as French toast, macaroni and ham, and scrambled eggs hardly sound like a Chinese specialty, but these Western dishes have a distinctly Asian flair to them that has been satisfying local palates since cha chaan teng culture exploded onto the scene in the 1950s. Don’t leave without trying lai cha, or Hong Kong-style milk tea, which mixes super-strength black tea with evaporated milk and sugar in a smooth, creamy combination. These cheap and somewhat cheerful eateries – the mood often depends on your waiter’s – typically have an English menu available. If not, take a scan around the room and you’ll quickly find out which sets are the most popular.

Spend the morning strolling through Sheung Wan

Art galleries, curios, traditional medicine shops and temples – this rapidly gentrifying neighborhood fuses the old with the new, never failing to provide an unexpected surprise around the corner. Start along the section of Des Voeux road known as Dried Seafood Street for a peek into traditional stores and stalls selling edible and medicinal ingredients such as “wind-dried sausage,” salted fish, blackened century eggs, flattened dried duck and fat choy – a stringy black moss that looks suspiciously like hair and is popular choice during the Chinese New Year. Head on up towards Upper Lascar Row, known as Cat Street, with its antique shops and stalls selling bric-a-brac and second hand items. A few steps away you’ll find the Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road. Dating back to 1847, this historic monument transports you to another place and time altogether with its smoky incense coils and elaborate altars.

Up and away on the world’s longest escalator, the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator

From there, make your way over to the Central-Mid-Levels escalator, famously known for being the longest outdoor escalator in the world. Linking the city’s financial hub, Central, with the posh residential neighborhood along the mountainside, this extensive covered walkway will take you up and over narrow streets on a tour of restaurants, bars and shops in the area. Continue all the way to the top until you reach Jamia Mosque, the city’s oldest mosque dating back to 1890. Directly opposite you’ll spy the inconspicuous sign for Rednaxela Terrace, a misprint of Alexander Terrace, due to some kind of transcription error by a sleepy colonial era clerk.

Have a dim sum lunch, like a local

No trip to the city would be complete without sampling traditional yum cha or dim sum, so make a beeline for Tim Ho Wan at IFC Mall in Central – one of the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. Fast, delicious and busy, try to go outside of standard lunch and dinner hours to avoid the long queue.

Take in the sensational skyline from the Peak

At this point, you should now be too full to walk. Good! You did it in true Hong Kong style. Next, hop onto the Peak Tram and take in the stunning harbor views as this funny little funicular winds its way up the impossibly steep mountainside. The breathtaking skyline view from the Peak never fails to impress, but a stroll around the Lugard Road and Harlech Road circuit offers just as many stunning vantage points and only half the tourists. For a bit of an adventure through the lush tropical vegetation, opt for the hike back down the hillside along the paved Old Peak Road.

The Best Information When You Eat on the Las Vegas

images-33A culinary destination second to none, Las Vegas brims with sizzle and steak. From towering views that set the scene for a picture-perfect Mediterranean meal to the toast of old-world Italian class, these exciting Las Vegas restaurants are musts on your next trip to Sin City.


Venturing beyond Los Angeles city limits for the first time, Eggslut arrived in Las Vegas in June. The breakfast sandwich hot spot, which debuted in 2011, earned its stripes with its take on the classic bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, folding hardwood smoked bacon, a medium egg, cheddar cheese, and chipotle ketchup on a brioche bun. The mold was forever broken. Expect long lines at the counter-service nook where the simple menu includes house-made biscuits, an egg-topped cheeseburger, and the rich Gaucho Sandwich featuring Wagyu tri-tip steak and an over-medium egg topped with chimichurri sauce and red onions on the shop’s signature brioche bun.

Harvest by Roy Ellamar

Unveiled at the end of 2015, Harvest by Roy Ellamar brings a new “upscale casual” farm-to-table restaurant to Bellagio, replacing the Asian-Italian fusion Sensi. After an $800K revamp, the four kitchens elegantly situated behind glass walls remain the room’s signature attraction. As for the menu, dining options include social plates, entrées, and a dim sum–inspired “snack wagon” that makes its way around the room. For the best of the lot, start with the chef’s charcuterie board complete with American cheeses and house-made breads before indulging in one of the stone-oven roasted seafood dishes, namely the diver scallops.

Carbone Las Vegas

Italian staples are elevated to fine art within the walls of Carbone Las Vegas. Serving red sauce with a high-end flair since late 2015, Carbone Las Vegas is the West Coast extension of the elite New York City eatery, known for its limited quarters and even tighter reservation policy (reservations are often required a month in advance). Take advantage of the new, larger digs in Las Vegas, where tables are easier to come by and the quality of the food and service remain identical to its East Coast outpost. Arrive hungry, be ready for a feast, and don’t pass up the opportunity to taste the spicy vodka rigatoni and the veal Parmesan.


Monégasque chef Alain Ducasse brings his cuisine to new heights in more ways than one at the new Rivea, a French and Italian penthouse unveiled in late 2015. Perched on the 64th floor of the Delano Las Vegas tower, arguably the best views of The Strip pair perfectly with a menu brimming with creative fusion. An assortment of about two dozen small plates begins the meal, with standouts that include the chef’s cured ham tigelle and the wondrous simplicity of the crispy socca. Entrée musts include the roasted duck breast with bigarade sauce and the classic bouillabaisse.

Tips Visit in Cuba

unduhan-76Now that American travelers are able to do something that has been prohibited for over 50 years — take commercial flights from the United States to Cuba — we asked experts in the travel industry to add their thoughts to our ongoing coverage of Cuba and its steadily increasing accessibility.

The Plan

Tour operators and online agencies like Cuba Travel Network specialize in assembling people-to-people itineraries. Putting one together yourself will involve more legwork and record-keeping. The United States government requires travelers operating independently under the people-to-people guidelines to keep records showing an itinerary dominated by approved activities. In practice, that means keeping receipts and possibly maintaining a diary.

Since launching in May, Carnival Corporation’s cruise line Fathom has been running trips every other week to Cuba, offering passengers both organized people-to-people tours in its ports and the option to explore on their own. In the event of the latter, Tara Russell, the president of Fathom, said: “Our suggestion is much like Fathom’s people-to-people program that tells you the type of activity, the duration and time of day; it’s important on your own to record the days, times, duration, type of activities and expenses.”

To her knowledge, no Fathom passenger has been asked by the United States government to show these records.

“As per the change in regulations in 2015, the burden of proof in terms of compliance switched from the travel company to the individual,” said Eddie Lubbers, the founder and chief executive of Cuba Travel Network. “We’re not on the ground checking the amount of time you spend on a particular event.”

The Documents

Travelers also need a tourist visa and health insurance that covers Cuba, which effectively requires buying local insurance, both of which are now handled by United States transportation providers.

JetBlue sells the $50 visa at its gateway airports to passengers with valid passports, boarding passes and a major credit card. Charter flights also handle visas at the airport, but commercial operations appear to be more efficient, requesting that travelers arrive at the airport three hours before their Cuba departure, versus four hours with a charter. The $25 surcharge for the insurance, good for 30 days, is included in the cost of JetBlue’s ticket.

“Hang onto your boarding pass, to prove you’ve traveled with JetBlue, at a hospital,” advised Giselle Cortes, JetBlue’s director of international airports. “Though the government has the file, which we give them for each flight, it makes it easier.”

American Airlines and Silver Airways also bundle the health insurance charge into their airfares. Silver charges $75 for the visa.

American is working with the veteran charter and tour operator Cuba Travel Services on other logistics, including providing the visa ($85). Cuba Travel Services contacts each American passenger before departure to answer questions on travel restrictions and to offer its services in securing hotels and rental cars.

Fathom, the cruise line, includes the cost of health insurance in its fares, which start at $1,899 a person for weeklong itineraries. Visas are an additional $75.


Cuba has long had a tradition of “casas particulares,” or private homes with rooms to rent, and Airbnb has signed many of those, approximately 8,000, to its service. The meta-search engine found that Airbnb offered 90 percent of all rooms in the country, ranging from hostels and homes to hotel rooms. Airbnb itself showed an average rate recently of $54 a night in Havana.

The Cuban government controls all of the hotels in the country, but this summer it brought in Starwood Hotels & Resorts to manage the new Four Points by Sheraton Havana, a renovation of an existing property in the upscale Miramar district (rooms from $196 in a recent search). The hotel company has also announced plans to renovate and run the historic Hotel Inglaterra as a luxury hotel by year end.

Payment by most American-issued credit cards is accepted in advance online only, not within Cuba.

On the Ground

Getting around Havana is easy enough with taxis, whether they are classic American cars or less glamorous models. Beyond the city, rental cars are the most efficient way to go, albeit cautiously.

“While road signage sometimes is completely nonexistent, and you can’t really rely on GPS because you can’t bring it in, and mobile phones won’t work without internet, you find yourself happily disconnected,” said Mr. Lubbers of Cuba Travel Network. “The roads are virtually empty, but you have to be cautious because you have all kinds of vehicles you don’t readily see in the States, like horse carts and carriages.”

The safest course may be to hire a driver. CarRental-Cuba offers a driver for about $75 a day, and Cuba Travel Network for $90 a day, in addition to the cost of the car. “Hiring a driver is a very logical way to go, not least as it removes the liability factor in case of an accident and in Cuba that’s no small thing,” said Mr. Baker. “If you get in an accident and someone is injured, you can wave goodbye to coming home anytime soon.”

Capture Amazing Travel Photos To Keep For A Lifetime!

People love to take photographs of the places they visit during their travels as these pictures capture the essence of the moment long after the events are over. They also serve as a memory of such occasions that they can show their children and grandchildren. Moreover, they also get an opportunity to exhibit to others their creativity with the camera by taking breath-taking snapshots of exotic destinations and their inhabitants. However, not everyone is an expert when it comes to operating a camera. However, there are certain tips and techniques professionals in this field use to ensure that the photos they take stand out among the crowd.

Shahriar Ekbatani, an independent professional from Oklahoma City in America fond of traveling and photography explains that it is possible for amateurs and beginners to enhance their skills with the camera. For this they first need to master certain basic techniques and keep in mind the following important tips:

  • Taking pictures of locals

When photographers travel to foreign destination, the locals in that region are usually happy to let these camera operators take snapshots of them but it is important to first ask for their permission. In a number of countries, the inhabitants do expect some small coins in return for the image these lens men take as a token of their appreciation. Some of them even go to the extend to taking photo of these people while they are doing their daily activities.

  • Choose the sunset as the best time

Professionals in this field prefer to select the sunset as the best moment to take amazing images with cameras especially when they choose prominent monuments as their subject matter. Some of these camera operators even choose to use a tripod and telephoto lens to capture of warmth of the sun’s rays without impairing the pictures says Shahriar Ekbatani.

  • Keep in mind the rule of thirds in composition

When it comes to capturing prominent landmarks in a particular place through the lens of their cameras, photographers go to great lengths to ensure the composition of their photographs is perfect. To achieve this objective, these professional camera operators ensure they apply the rule of thirds in all the pictures they take. This implies balancing all the parts of the snapshot in such a manner that every section has something interesting.

  • Plan in advance

People who earn their living by taking photographs with their cameras understand that planning in this profession is essential. Before these camera operators embark on a journey to the destination they wish to visit they need to decide what type of equipment they wish to take with them. In addition to this, they also consult a popular travel guide to determine which places and prominent landmarks to take pictures of with their apparatus.

  • Cherish memories

People take photographs of the places they visit during their vacations and travel to showcase their adventures to their friends, family and acquaintances. This also helps them to get an honest opinion of what these people think of the snapshots they take with their cameras.

Shahriar Ekbatani goes on to say that taking photographs during their travels to other places is an ideal way for people to remember these events. In addition to this, it gives them a chance to highlight their talents with the camera.

Arrange your corporate travelling excellent only with NexTravel

Keeping track of expenditure and arranging a perfect sort of trip is not everyone’s cup of team. Into the medium you need to perform and have information about many things. Along with only professional and reputed travel concern you can get what you need actually. There are several factors are there for what you need best sort of concerns which can take responsibility of the whole trip and make you free from the possible anxieties. In case of business or corporate tours there is not much of time actually to arrange them in particular order.

Corporate Discounts

In case of arranging special sort of corporate deals or tour and travel management you will have to be very careful about your budget. For the arranger or manager there are several things that you should be careful. Only going through such great names for example you will going to get many attractive discounts for the same and also in hotel rentals, car rentals, and also into the cost of flights. Client will get chance to negotiate with rates and offering you huge benefit.

Safety of the employees

When employees are sent for a meeting or business trips, the maximum responsibility remains of the arranger or the manager. Going through with them you can actually going to have full information. In short words you can say that you can actually track the whereabouts of your employees. You will always be informed about the condition of the employees when especially they are traveling into the unsafe regions. So, if they are stuck in any situation you can act immediately to get them out of the situation.

Ease of use

In the time of booking for the trips what you actually want is to manage or arrange the matters with subtle offers and ease of using is also another reason of popularity for You can actually manage and book all spheres in just one spot and all sorts of travelling, reporting and special trips for your concern according to your demand can be managed in one place. Along with that one click cancellation is going to prove you for the same.

Improvement of the auto seat arrangement

If employers are given exclusive services and proper management when they are traveling they absolutely feel privileged and will provide their best when they are performing or representing your concern to a broader stage. If the corporate tours arranged for your clients they will feel happy and privileged to take or receive the services. As there are different numbers of packages are there for different people of different standards, so you can be assured that through their management you will definitely find your desired one. Client satisfaction is their main privilege and they always try to provide their out of the box services to make their client base strong enough. People are actually wise enough to select the best package of the town and also keep a track of the expenditure and activities in one single place.

The most beautiful churches of NYC

The most beautiful churches of NYC

Tall and towering churches once dominated the skyline of NYC and had people enthralled. Those were the days when skyscrapers were yet to debut, and places of worship captured the attention of tourists and religious people. In fact, some of these churches happened to be in the tallest buildings in the city, delighting as much for spiritual significance as for the architectural merit. Not much has changed as even today churches continue to draw hordes of people for their religious services, beautiful interiors and historical heritage. So, plan your itinerary subtlety to visit some of the most beautiful churches in the Big Apple.

Here is a list of most beautiful churches in NYC:

Abyssinian Baptist Church

When it comes to architectural beauty, you just can’t skip the name of the city’s first African-American Baptist church from the list – Abyssinian Baptist Church. Constructed in 1808, it has always been known for its large congregation and its draw for tourists. Once a major spiritual center for the Harlem Renaissance, it still has a dress code and other restrictions in place for guests.

Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

Check out this stunning cathedral which is also rated as the largest Anglican Church in the world. Constructed in 1892, the striking architecture is well complemented by the lush grounds and a biblical garden. Tourists here can also enjoy a vertical walk that allows them to climb the spiral staircases of the tall towers.

Riverside Church

Riverside Church is a neo-Gothic wonder over the Hudson River and also happens to be the tallest church in the US. Architectural merits apart, a visit to this church is a chance to get a glance into the city’s history and experience a site that had famous political orators and political activism at one time. Free tours are available after Sunday services so plan your visit accordingly.

St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery

This 16th century church has existed for as long as the city has! Originally built in 1651, it is also the second-oldest church in Manhattan (St. Paul’s is the oldest). In 1966, it was declared a landmark building for its long historical association. This place holds arts-related events including theater and poetry throughout the year.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

If you’re a religious-minded tourist, then St. Patrick’s Cathedral should always form an integral part of your New York City tours itinerary. After all, it’s the most visited religious site in the city. Opened in 1879, this neo-gothic structure is a landmark structure and hosts religious services on a daily basis. The general public can visit the church freely, enjoy its architecture and understand its historical significance to the city.

St. Paul’s Chapel

St. Paul’s Chapel is a historical building that dates back to 1766. In 1789, President George Washington visited it right after his inauguration, which symbolizes its historical significance. It also holds the distinction of being NYC’s oldest public building in continuous use. Part of the Trinity Church parish, its role and services to humanity after the September 11, 2001 attacks are now a part of legends.

Apply for USA ETA online before you plan a trip to USA

Millions of people all around the globe travel to USA for several reasons. Though, it is great for the tourism department of the country, but it leads a threat to the security of the nation and its citizens. To authenticate the identity and authenticity of the travelers, the United States Department of Homeland Security has launched an additional step in the security checking of travelers – EST (Electronic Travel Authorization USA. It is an electronic travel authorization process that is performed to verify the details of travelers.

It is for those travelers only who travel via air only. People, who are traveling by sea, don’t need to go through with this process. An important thing to notice is this new system does not give an assurance of getting entry in USA. But, yes, if a traveler does not fulfill the requirements of Electronic Travel Authorization process, he or she can’t get entered in USA.

All the travelers on the Visa Waiver Program are supposed to acquire former endorsement through USA ESTA before planning a trip to USA. Individuals who are the citizen of the United States don’t need to obtain any authorization for travel. Many travelers believe it as an extra headache, but the fact is it is good even for their safety. To make the travel experience hassle free, it is essential that the travelers cooperate with the Government of the United States and get authentication before booking their flight.

You may or may not know, but getting USA ETA online is quite easy and quick. You don’t need to go to any department to get the authentication from any authorities. It can be done with ease online. To obtain authorization through ESTA, the travelers just need to visit the official website. Once you reach to the website, you need to share biographical details along with passport information. In addition, you need to answer some important questions to complete the process. Here we are sharing some important matters that are covered in the questions.

  • You are supposed to share the details about the infectious diseases, physical challenges and mental disorder. If you have any kind of drug addiction, you need to share it.

  • The authorities ask about the details if a person is ever arrested for any kind of crime or offense.

  • To avoid any mishap, the authorities ask whether a traveler is engaged any intelligence job or in terrorist activities.

  • The travelers who are willing to explore job or business opportunities in USA need to share the details if they have ever been removed from the USA because of any fraud or scam.

  • Some questions related to child custody from the US citizens are also asked in the USA ESTA authentication process.

  • The authorities ask whether your visa application was rejected or not. If yes, they ask for the reason.

Taken as a whole, you need to disclose all the details about your past. If a traveler does not reveal any essential information, your USA ESTA application will be rejected and you will not be able to get entry in USA even from the airport. Gather all your details and apply for USA ETA online.

Short Course on Resources – Covering The Basics

The Advantages Of Compassionate In Home Senior Care

We all know taking care of the old or senior individual’s is a bit of a challenge and requires a lot of commitment. The humane in senior care was established with the point of dealing with grown-ups and senior individuals from the social orders who had sicknesses or are physically crippled. Empathetic In Home Senior Care guarantees that the senior individual gets great care at the solace of their home consequently they don’t need to stress over being kept in a home with outsiders.

This likewise guarantees an individual is given exceptional consideration as they have one on one contact with the parental figure and along these lines, the guardian can have the capacity to know the individual’s needs and inclination rather than a senior home where there are many people who require the care and consideration of a parental figure. In home care also ensures that the individual gets the support and care of other family members and this way the individual gets a feeling of love and care which also helps in speeding up their recuperation process.

This also guarantees the senior individual a piece of mind in that they feel comfortable as they are at their home and they can be able to do tasks that they like such as gardening and this way the get the feeling of relaxation as opposed to being confined in an elderly home. Home care is moreover considered as direct in that as they can get capable care at a sensible cost when stood out from sending your venerated one to an elderly home as one needs to achieve a lot of expenses, for instance, settlement costs among various expenses, yet in home care engages the relatives to contribute vitality with their esteemed one and a comparable time save a touch of money.

It moreover gives an individual a sentiment opportunity a similar number of individuals fear being bound in an elderly home as they known they won’t have the ability to play out particular endeavors that they were used to however with in-home care one can be ale to stick to their common routine and this, therefore, helps in propelling quick recovery. It also gives the family members a piece of mind and they can be able to go about their daily activities without having to worry or debate about who will be in charge of taking care of the sick individual as that is made easy by contracting the services of an in-home caregiver. Individuals with elderly relatives should explore in home care as it is regarded to have a few favourable circumstances to both the individual and the relatives.


You Dont Need for This Travel Accessories

There’s no shortage of packing list articles on the Internet today — and the amount of information given can be overwhelming for a new traveler. The majority of these articles focus on everything that you should bring with you, so we’re going to write about what you should leave behind. With so much conflicting information out there, how do you know what’s worthwhile packing and what’s going to end up being a waste of space?

With four years of backpacking experience, here are the items that haven’t worked for me.

A money belt

Money belts are nearly always included in packing lists as en essential item to keep your money safe and secure when you travel. I read these articles and dutifully packed my shiny new money belt the night before leaving. On the very first day of my trip, I proudly took it from my backpack, strapped it under my clothes and began exploring.

It took less than an hour for me to really start to despise it. It was large and uncomfortable, and made of material that sticks to you when it’s hot outside.

It didn’t fit to the shape of my body, instead rubbing against me. Walking into a store and paying for something involved an awkward process where it looked like I was rummaging around in my underwear for change.

What to take instead: Act how you would at home — put your money in a pocket, a wallet, a purse or your daypack. There is, however, one exception: if you’re going to be traveling somewhere where crime rates are high (think much of South America), then it’s worth getting one of our recommended money belts. For most places in the world, however, it’s completely unnecessary.

A Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

With visions of hostels being dirty, bed bug infested places, I paid almost $100 for a silk sleeping bag liner that I have never used in four years. Hostels are clean, cautious of bed bugs and bedding is changed regularly.

I’ve found that spending a few minutes scouring the reviews on both HostelBookers and HostelWorld let’s me know if the hostel has had problems with bed bugs. If so, I stay somewhere else.

What to take instead: Nothing. Make sure to check the reviews beforehand and don’t stay anywhere that sounds dirty or bug-ridden.

Dedicated Travel Clothing

Dedicated travel clothing, such as $100 t-shirts that keep you cool or zip-off pants that prevent you from looking cool are simply not worth what you pay for them. The biggest problem with travel-specific clothes is that it makes you look like a traveler — and by looking like a traveler you’re an attractive target for thieves.

Dedicated travel clothing is expensive, ugly and makes you stand out in the countries you travel through. If you wouldn’t wear it back home, you won’t enjoy wearing it on the road.

What to take instead: Pack the kind of clothes you’d wear at home. After a year of looking like I was an extra in an outdoor store commercial, I returned home and replaced all of my outfits with the clothes I used to wear at home. Yes, even jeans. I found it helped me fit in and draw less attention to myself.

An Entire Cupboard Worth of Medicine

We all do it. We want to prepare for every single incident that could possibly occur on the road and so pack our backpack with dozens of different pills for every ailment. I left to travel with 200 x motion sickness pills, 100 x paracetamol, 100 x ibuprofen, 100 x Imodium, 5 months worth of anti-malarials, 50 x rehydration sachets, 50 x Benadryl, 50 x congestion relief tablets, 2 courses of antibiotics, 100 x bandaids… the list goes on.

Most of these I’ve barely touched; half have since expired. Every single thing I’ve mentioned above I’ve been able to buy in every country I’ve visited. In fact, a lot of the time when I’ve felt ill I’ve actually been outside and popped into a pharmacy to get supplies, adding to what I already had back at the hostel. Now, I travel with antibiotics, a few packets of painkillers and some Imodium, and I still rarely touch any of them.

For Travellers Becarefull With This Cities

For many travelers, the world is a magnificent place full of wonder at every turn. With every adventure, we learn something new about ourselves, the human condition, and how we see ourselves through the lens of other cultures. However, for all of the destinations we experience, there are also many very dangerous locations that may not be as welcome to foreign travelers.

The dangers go beyond petty taxi cab scams and pickpocket theft. In some cities, armed gangs can be brazen in their attacks, targeting western travelers. As a result, travelers may be assaulted, attacked, and injured in the name of terrorism, robbery, or other motives. Even with the best protection and preparation, many travelers may not know where they need to be the most vigilant for danger.

Some locations are more dangerous than others – especially for travelers who like to go alone. Those who are planning a solo trip to these four cities should either reconsider their plans, or purchase a strong travel insurance policy.

Bogota, Colombia

The vibrant and historic capital of Colombia, Bogota is an industrial city located in the heart of the nation. Known for producing some of the world’s finest coffee and beautiful flowers, thousands of Americans visit Bogota and rural Colombia every year for cultural studies, volunteer work, and tourism. However, many who make plans to see this classic city don’t understand that it is also one of the most dangerous destinations for western travelers.

Terrorist organizations, drug cartels, and armed street gangs all have a significant and visible presence across Colombia, especially in Bogota. According to the State Department, American visitors are often considered easy targets for crime. Furthermore, Officials warn that the threat of kidnapping remains high, despite the fact that the rate of kidnappings has decreased significantly over the last 15 years.

While traveling to Bogota can be a rewarding experience, it also comes with a high level of risk. Those planning to visit should make sure they have a safety plan in place, and make sure they keep a contingency kit in the event of an emergency.

Mexico City, Mexico

Every day, over 150,000 people legally cross the border between the United States and Mexico for a number of reasons. Whether seeking a vacation at one of the many coastal resort towns or visiting family and friends, Mexico is a popular and easily accessible destination for many travelers. The capital, Mexico City, is no exception.

While the media focuses on violence in cities that border the United States, Mexico City also has a violent streak, including mugging, assault, and even kidnapping. Women traveling alone are advised not to utilize public transportation at night, due to the risks of gangs roving the streets.

While many travel to Mexico City without any problems every year, it pays dividends to stay vigilant while abroad. Those with plans to visit this city should make a safety plan ahead of their travels.

Lima, Peru

Considered one of the most historic cities in South America and the gateway to Machu Picchu, Lima is a prime destination for those who want to experience South American history first hand. Because of the high number of tourists, criminals also occupy the city in the city, waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists.

From illegal taxi services that have been known to take more than a fare to hijackings that take place on remote roads at night, Lima offers plenty of danger to the common traveler. Solo travelers who want to visit this historic city should consider limiting their travel plans to daylight hours and utilizing taxis recommended by their hotels or tour operators.

New Delhi, India

A budding commerce center of India, New Delhi attracts travelers on both business and pleasure. However, New Delhi is discovering not only their international identity, but also the dangers that come with expansive growth. One of those dangers comes in the threat of sexual assault – especially to women.

Both the British Foreign Ministry and the U.S. Department of State warn that sexual assaults of female visitors remains a concern for solo travelers. The alleged assaults have not been isolated to American travelers: travelers from Denmark, Germany, and Japan claim they have been sexually harassed or assaulted while traveling in New Delhi. Women with solo travel plans to New Delhi are encouraged to create a safety plan prior to their travels, and are strongly encouraged to travel in groups.

You Should Know About Mesa Verde National Park

Known for the dwellings of the people who archaeologists once called the “Anasazi,” (a derisive Navajo term meaning “ancient enemy”) Mesa Verde National Park in Montezuma County, Colorado, is home to some of the world’s most beautiful sandstone and adobe structures.

The twelfth and thirteenth-century rectangular homes — and circular, subterranean religious structures (“kivas”) — of the Pueblo peoples include the famous “Cliff Palace,” a maze of twenty three ceremonial kivas and dozens of rooms. These pink, yellow, and red-plastered dwellings are shut behind windowless walls, under a great overhanging cliff. They are architectonic, squeezing dark rooms together to make an easily defensible fort that uses the cliffs’ natural curves as a guide.

We don’t know much today about the people who built the storybook towers of Mesa Verde (which means “green tablelands”). There appear to be two different styles and sizes of kiva, so there may have been two distinct periods of building, guided by different groups of religious elites. The total effect is stunning, and to people accustomed to separated homes and cities laid out on a grid, under an open sky, quite surprising.

For some reason, these dwellings were inhabited for only a century or so before some sort of disaster struck. Likely theories include a “mega-drought” that made life in the arid mesa-lands unsustainable. Rather than disappearing into thin air, it’s now that thought that the early Puebloan peoples migrated south, into Arizona and New Mexico, where they continued to refine their building practices and where their descendants live today.

Unfortunately, much of these amazing abandoned structures have been looted or destroyed by curio-seekers and vandals. What’s left owes much of its existence to a family of forward-thinking ranchers called the Wetherills, who had a good relationship with local Native Americans and gave outsiders responsible tours. President Teddy Roosevelt tried to protect the Park lands in 1906. In addition, photographer Ansel Adams documented the ruins in the 1940s, producing a series of powerful black-and-white images of the towers and walls.

The nearest airports are Cortez, Colorado, Durango, Colorado, and Farmington, New Mexico.CarMesa Verde National Park is in Southwestern Colorado. The Mesa Verde Headquarters is a one-hour drive from Cortez, Colorado, heading east on Highway 160 to the park turnoff, and a 1.5 hour drive from Durango, Colorado, heading west on Highway 160 to the park turnoff.Public TransportationThe closest bus terminal is located in Durango, Colorado. Car rental is needed to get from the bus terminal to the park. The entrance to Mesa Verde is 35 miles from Durango.Getting AroundA vehicle is needed to see Mesa Verde.The first view of a cliff dwelling is 21 miles (approximately 45 minutes) past the entrance station along a steep, narrow, winding road. From there, you can choose to take hikes of varying degrees of difficulty, or drive a loop track that shows the cliff dwellings.Tours:Arrive early in the morning to schedule yourself into a tour of one of the dwellings. The tour requires average strength and being OK with heights (you climb a long ladder) and small spaces (you crawl through various doorways and passages). You can’t book this tour over the phone, and you have to stop at the initial visitor center at the park entrance to get a scheduled slot. From there, you have a 45 minute drive to the tour’s beginning slot, so don’t arrive at 9:30 and expect to be on the 10 tour! Spots fill up fast, so arrive early and expect to be booked into an afternoon tour

The Secret of Moonville Tunnel Ohio

Moonville Tunnel was once part of the Marietta Cincinnati railroad, and at one point the area was quite remote and surrounded by a think forest of trees and brush. For years, the area was mainly used for coal mining. Though there hasn’t been a train to pass through the funnel for well over 20 years, locals say that on dark nights, an old railway brakeman stands near the entrance of the tunnel, waiting for the next train to pass.

Many people who needed to visit the nearby larger towns, “Hope” and “Mineral” would use the tunnel, which at the time was considered a rather long tunnel, especially for those on foot. Unfortunately, it was not uncommon for someone to get caught while a train passed by, and many people lost their lives inside the tunnel after being struck by a passing locomotive.

There have been countless ghosts witnessed in and around the tunnel, and many visitors agree that when it comes to paranormal activity at Moonville, there are many more than just one ghosts still haunting the desolate passage. 

The most popular ghosts witnessed over the years include, the Headless Conductor, a headless man who is often spotted wearing an old train conductor outfit and carrying a lit lantern. Sometimes the flame is spotted hovering at shoulder level inside the tunnel, but other times people have witnessed the light darting through the nearby forest that surrounds the water. The sighting is so common, in fact, that it’s been photographed and filmed numerous times.

Another is the ghost of Rastus Dexter, an old miner from the 20s, who died after having one too many, and chancing a walk through the tunnel at night. He was struck and killed by a passing train. Often times people will see strange lights that dart around the entrance once you’ve gone inside. The lights are often associated with a ghost known as the “Lady in White,” who died in 1905 in trestle accident nearby.

In 2012 the television series Haunted History visited the tunnel and captured what they believed was the light from the Headless Conductor, and also interacted with the ghost of the White Lady. They’re just one of the many paranormal enthusiasts who have captured something strange while visiting the tunnel.

If you want to visit the Moonville Tunnel, it is a short hike, so be prepared to make a trek through the overgrown woods. In recent years it’s also become a favorite spot for visiting thrill-seekers, so there’s a good chance you may bump into some other ghost story lovers. Maybe, bring a flashlight. 

For You Travellers District One Comes to life

District One is an extraordinary development that is part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid City. It is an exclusive residential community that is in close proximity to some of Dubai’s most recognizable landmarks.

Meydan Sobha, an equally-split joint venture between the Meydan Group and Sobha Group, is responsible for developing this project. With over 45 million square feet, this expansive development will feature luxury 4 bedroom up to 8 bedroom residences, green parklands, world’s largest man-made Crystal Lagoon, cycling and running tracks, recreational spaces creating one of the lowest density residential developments in the heart of Dubai. Phase One of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City – District One, which consists of 256 villas, will commence handover during the last quarter of 2016.

Located just four kilometres from Downtown Dubai, the prime location provides an aspiration lifestyle to residents who are close to all major routes into the city providing quick access to the Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Dubai World Trade Center and Dubai International Airport.

District One is also situated adjacent to Meydan Group’s newly announced Meydan One development, a leisure, commercial and entertainment destination in Mohammed Bin Rashid City. Meydan One will host the world’s tallest residential tower, highest observation deck, longest indoor ski slope and the largest dancing fountain.

District One is poised to become one of the most sought after residential communities in the region.


– 45 million sq. ft. of prime freehold land

– One of the lowest density residential developments

– Unrivalled location, just 4 KM from Downtown Dubai

– Array of floorplans ranging from 4 – 6 bedroom villas and 7 – 8 bedroom mansions

– Choice of 3 architectural designs: Contemporary, Mediterranean, Modern Arabic

– World’s largest man-made crystal lagoon

– 14 KM of shoreline living

– Over 8 KM of cycling, running and walking trails surrounded by lush landscaping